• Two time slots: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm OR 2:30-5:30pm.

  • Gazebo.

  • PA System.

  • Tents are set up  in the event of rain. We set them up for you and you are not charged for them.

  • Fog the grass for mosquitoes.

  • Benches for 225 people.

  • Assist in parking your guests.

  • Planted flowers in neutral colours.

  • A variety of vintage decorations.

  • Rehearsal time.

  • Engagement photo shoot time.




We do not offer a reception space at this time. There are many locals halls in the area: Spilstead Hall, Hasting Lake Hall, Tofield Community Hall, Hay Lakes Agriplex, and Ardrosson



  • This truly is a magical space, the owners are friendly and easy to speak with and the area is huge lots of room for everyone!

  • This place is a gem and such a beautiful location for your event! So many gorgeous details! We had to walk around a few times to take everything in and noticed something different each time. Attention to detail and top quality really shows here! We also appreciated the great sound system and loved the benches!


  • Just the perfect little hidden gem of a place to celebrate the joining of two people in marriage.


  • One of the most perfect places to get married. I have never been to a outdoor wedding that was more beautiful